The Plan

The Plan – The First Part

There are a number of steps that I have to take before I can move to Paris, France in 2024.

Part 1 – I will be debt-free before I move to France.

I currently have 2 debts – my car loan and my credit card account. I am currently working on my budget so I can have the car loan and the American Express account paid off by July 1, 2017.

Part 2 – I do not plan to take much with me when I move to France.

I currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment. The second bedroom has been filled with stuff for the past couple of years. I started clearing out the stuff in January. As of today, I have about 90% of the second bedroom cleaned out. It is nice to have the sense of accomplishment with my progress on the second bedroom.

I was able to donate some gently used clothing. I have several bags of paper to shred. I started a “sell on ebay” box.

I will probably move the living room book shelves into the second bedroom. The book shelves need to be cleaned off and reorganized. There are a number of items that can go in the “sell on ebay” box. There will be some papers that have to be sorted into records or shredded.

Once I move the book shelves, I’ll be able to move the dresser and chest of drawers into the living room. One of my coworkers may be interested in picking up one or both pieces of furniture. I will take pictures after I get all the drawers cleared out.

Part 3 – I will stop and think about an item before I buy it.

In the last few weeks, I have had a rather radical change (at least for me) in the way I approach shopping. Before buying something, I stop and ask myself one critical question.

Does this item get me closer to France?

If I can answer yes, then I buy the item. If I do not answer yes, then I put the item back on the shelf. I had more than 100 items on my Amazon wish list. I went through and deleted most of them.

Rent, utilities, and food are items that I budget for every month. Food is one of the areas where I plan on making improvements. I do not need to eat out so often.

Budget is still a work in progress. I am working to increase the amount of my debt repayment. I hope to make improvements with my new approach.

Part 4 – I will work until I have 30 years of credible service for retirement.

I currently work for a local Board of Education and I have been paying into the retirement system since 1994. According to my retirement statement, I can retire with 30 years on July 1, 2024. I will also have at least a year (or more) of accumulated sick leave.

Part 5 – I will plan a trip to France in 2018 without incurring more debt.

See my Confession Time post.


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