The Plan

The Long March

The last couple of months have been something of a mixed bag. First, the good stuff…

My landlady replaced the shingles on my apartment building. There were old shingles that would fall off the roof whenever we had a thunderstorm and rain.

My debt repayment plan is working nicely. I am on track to be credit card debt free by the end of the year. I will pay off my car a few months into 2017.

I have completed the preliminary work with a financial planner. I sent information like last year’s tax return, work pension, and insurance (auto, renter’s) information. I will continue to pay into the teacher retirement plan at work. I would like to make the ROTH IRA more productive.

I am currently investigating if I will be required to pay Georgia state taxes on my teacher retirement pension if I don’t live in Georgia. On the 2015 state tax forms, there is a spot for Residency data for the tax year (Resident, Part-Year Resident, and Non-Resident). I think my next stop will be the benefits coordinator at work.

Now, the not so good stuff…

In April, water started flooding my bathroom floor and backing up into the bathtub. I thought it was just a backed up toilet and a minor issue with the septic tank. I mopped up the water and then it started again. I called my landlady and she sent someone named Tony out. He called someone else (apparently with more experience?). After much head scratching, they finally fixed part of the issue so water would no longer flooding the floor. I won’t disgust you with the details. At the end of the day, Tony said “you can probably tell I’m not a plumber.” I didn’t say anything else because it would have been rude to my landlady and not at all helpful.

I am so thankful I was home. I was supposed to be in another location that day. If I had not been home, there would have been more damage and loss. Nothing important was damaged. The water went under the wall to the hot water heater closet and into the living room. The hot water heater closet has a concrete floor so I propped open the door to let it dry out. Part of the living room carpet was wet so I pulled up the carpet and pointed a small desk fan to dry out the padding. I sprinkled about two boxes of baking soda over the carpet and then did several good vacuum sessions. The baking soda covered everything with a fine layer.

In May (about 5 weeks after Tony’s visit), water started backing up on the bathroom floor again. I called my landlady. Tony didn’t come back, but the guy that he called came over. We were having a thunderstorm with a lot of lightening that afternoon. An old shingle from the roof had interfered with the original fix from April. My landlady had not done anything else to finish the fix that resolved the issue. I’m not sure what the guy did but apparently he spent his time looking for the line out to the sewer. My landlady should have reminded him that there’s a septic tank.

My landlady finally sent someone to pump out the septic tank. I’ve been in this apartment for 15 years and it had not been pumped out in all that time. The septic tank guy (Mr. B.) came into the apartment and took a look at the toilet tank. There was a rust line in the tank because the old handle had been metal and rusted. He told my landlady that the parts inside the tank needed to be replaced and we set up a time for the following Wednesday. She didn’t show up and I have not heard from her. Mr. B. cut off a part of the flapper and now I can hear the toilet running all the time. I turn off the water to the toilet after every flush and make sure there’s no water in the tank.

I am very busy at work right now. I am going to let the busy time pass and then call my landlady. Or I may just include a note with my next rent check.


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