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Health Matters – January 2017

I am fortunate enough to have health insurance through my employer. I switched to a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) for 2017. I was able to establish my Health Savings Account (HSA) on January 1.

I’m feeling better about the High Deductible Health Plan for this year. I looked at my final 2016 statement and I had zero dollars in Met Deductible.

Here are my medical expenses for January 2017.

  • Annual Eye Exam – $114.00
  • Two Chiropractic Adjustments ($40.25 each) – $80.50

I also had my annual mammogram but it’s coded as preventable care so I did not have to pay any  money out of pocket.

I scanned the receipts and backed them up in three locations (one locally and two online).

My plan is to let the Health Savings Account build up a balance. As long as I use the money in the HSA for health-related expenses, the money can be withdrawn tax free. Reimbursements don’t have to be taken in the same year as the expense.

I need to put a line item in my monthly budget for medical expenses so I can pay for them out of pocket.

Be kind and stay safe.


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