On Friendship, Part 1

There’s a group of ladies that I have been friendly with for the past several years. We have similar jobs in different school districts. When we go to the same conferences (once or twice a year), we usually sit together if we’re in the same session, eat together at lunch, and go to dinner together. We also see each other for day-long user group meetings (two or three times a year). Recently, we have been texting each other more often.

I enjoy their company. We talk about the work, our families, and any upcoming vacation plans. It’s wonderful to talk with people who understand the work and the resulting frustrations. When I moved into my new apartment, they sent me a lovely card and a gift card. I sent them thank you cards and New Year cards.

None of them know I want to move to Paris in 2024.

I got a call from one of the ladies this week. She called to tell me that she will be retiring as of July 1. She has 38 years of credible service and other 2 years of sick leave. I told her that of course she should retire. I’m very happy for her. Her district has already hired her replacement. She wants to work 49% during the new school year (subject to approval by their Board of Education).

I’ll see her in person next month at a user group meeting.

I don’t know that I will ever see her in person again after she retires. I’m hoping to get her mailing address so we can exchange holiday cards.


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