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Upcoming Milestone Count Down

I’m coming up on a milestone count down number. As of July 1, there are 6 years (72 months) before I can retire with 30 years of credible service.

I can start getting Teacher Retirement (TRS) projections in a year (5 years before retirement). Apparently, TRS won’t start talking specifics until 5 years before retirement, even if you have a year (or more) of banked sick leave.

My frustrations with the 403b continue. The Roth 403b situation was finally resolved after nearly a year. I can’t believe that someone was missing their money and it wasn’t resolved sooner.

I filled out the paperwork to increase my 403 contribution with the April paycheck. The increased amount wasn’t taken out. When I emailed the representative, he said that he submitted the paperwork. And then I didn’t hear anything else. Our payroll person didn’t receive a notification to increase my contribution.

District employees are supposed to get a pay raise in the new school year. My TRS contribution will increase. I’ll fill out the paperwork to increase the 403b contribution to match. If that increase does not happen in a timely manner, I will be moving my 403b to another company.

I also updated my mailing address at the same time of the increased contribution paperwork. I’m still getting paper statements at the post office box.




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